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Being a Social Worker — What it Involves

Fun resource on social work programs and obtaining a degree in social work:

By Lisa Griffiths


Are you wondering what is involved being a social worker? In reality, most people don't understand that they already ARE social workers. Perhaps this seems confusing, so let's first take a look at what images are conjured up when we think social worker. For some, being a social worker brings to mind the Department of Social Services. Within this government entity is found the typical worker that handles child welfare, family services, food stamps and other emergency or non-emergency services.

Perhaps others may see a specific role that has been exploited on TV and in the movies, such as taking children from their homes for suspected abuses against them. Or workers may be seen as assisting those that are on the streets to a better life. Regardless of what views you have and what is involved, there are an absolutely endless amount of specific roles that an individual can have that can be classified as 'social worker'. For example, do you regularly find yourself being asked for advice or help with others situations? Do you volunteer for humanitarian efforts, such as at your local food bank? Then you are a social worker.

Maybe you work in human resources assisting employees in sifting through their benefits paperwork-social worker. Or even the summer camp counselor jobs are on this path. There is a bounty of titled positions that don't necessarily involve getting a degree that is focused on the field. However, a bachelors or master's degree in social work (BSW, MSW) would open up the opportunities and salary range that might peak your interest.

One particular opportunity that was found to have great significance was that of prison social worker. Within this role there are varying positions such as counselor to inmates and reintegration mentor. Depending on facility, a BSW or MSW may be required. However, if this is of interest to you and you have a desire to see inmates reformed as a productive part of society, there are roles within community corrections as well. And if you like the idea of volunteerism then your opportunities are endless since well-paid jobs in this field are scare.

This is a tragedy, though, as it seems this is a much-needed area for being a social worker and there never are enough workers for the amount of persons needing help becoming productive citizens once again. But if pursuing higher education, or another degree is not available for you, consider that you might already be doing social work now. At the least, consider the opportunities that are available to anyone who has a passion for helping others.

Being a social worker and what is involved is compassion for the human spirit, a desire to uplift others and a willingness to give of yourself in order to make a difference. First and foremost, it involves the utilization of a strengths based perspective. This simply means you believe that all persons have positive attributes that can be built upon and are focused upon to that end.

Lisa Griffiths is a freelance writer [http://lisa-griffiths.com/] hosting several blogs and promotes human compassion. She has a BSW in social work. Visit http://www.lisa-griffiths.com [http://lisa-griffiths.com/] NOW to view a blog with current posts!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Lisa_Griffiths/416867





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